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Government In Brazil

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CAERN - Companhia de águas e esgotos do Rio Grande do Norte
CAERN's mission is to serve the population of the state with drinkable water, collect and treat sewage in a way to contribute to the better quality of life with an adequate company posture, integrated in the other sectors of basic sanitation and respect the socio-economic and environmental factors.
Câmara Municipal de Natal
Located at Palácio Padre Miguelinho, the headquarters of Natal’s Legislative Body, it is responsible for lawmaking and proposing of bills in the constant pursuit for the social-economic development of the capital. The work of the 21 city counselors elected by the people directly reflects the interest of the population.
IDEMA - Instituto de Defesa do Meio Ambiente
IDEMA (Environmental Defense Institute) is the state organ (autarchy entailed to SEMARH) that's mission is to promote Environmental Policy in Rio Grande do Norte in order to better the sustainable development, taking advantage of regional potential and seek to improve the quality of life in the state.
SEDEC - Secretaria de Desenvolvimento Econômico
We promote dependable economic development of the state, coordenating and implementing sectorial actions in the industry, mineral resource, energy, commerce, service, science and technology areas, in articulation with other competent organs and entities.
SESAP - Secretaria Estadual de Saúde Pública
State government organ responsible for action, promotion, and service in public health following the principles and guidelines in the SUS (Unique Health System).
SETUR - Secretaria de Estado do Turismo
Rio Grande do Norte is a state on the northeastern coas of Brazil with 410 km of coastline, with warm water and a tropical climate year round. We have an international airport with charter flights coming from Lisbon, Milan, London, and Amsterdam. There's an excellent network of hotels and warm people waiting to make you feel welcome. Come visit us and be enchanted!
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